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Welcome to Big Reid Guide Service! We are a family owned Kenai River guide service that is willing to go above and beyond to make your trip to the Kenai an unforgetable experience!
-The Reid Family


Big Reid Guide Service is located on the banks of the Kenai River. The Kenai is world famous for producing the largest genetic strain of King Salmon in the world. The Kenai River also holds the most world records of any river. It is known as one of the best salmon fishing rivers, containing Chinook (kings), Sockeye (reds), Coho (silvers), and Pink (humpies). Depending on the time of year two or all types of salmon may be present in the Kenai River.
Part of being a personalized guide service is helping you decide what time of summer to come to the Kenai to best fit your salmon fishing needs. June or July are prime if you want to pursue the giant king salmon of the Kenai. Late July and early August are best if you want numerous sockeye salmon, and August and September are best if you don't need to catch a king salmon but want a lot of action with sockeyes, silvers, pinks, rainbow trout, and dolly varden. Plus don't forget about the fantastic saltwater halibut fishing the area has to offer. Sterling is centrally located to three different saltwater locations for great halibut fishing.
The Anchorage area and Kenai Peninsula offer some of he best waterfowling opportunities in the world. Whether it is combining early season ducks with a salmon trip, or a hardcore waterfowl adventure for late season freshwater and saltwater ducks, our area of Alaska is a great place to start your adventure.
It is obvious why the Kenai is the king of salmon rivers, there is so much opportunity throughout the year and the waterfowl hunting is great from start to finish in the area. Drop us an e-mail or call for more information about options for fishing the Kenai River and hunting waterfowl.


Guide Adam Reid with one of the biggest Kenai Kings of 2003, 55 1/2" x 34 1/2 " and 82 lbs!

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