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35#, 51# and 68# for the Kittoe party!!

Most people come in search of catching a King Salmon of a lifetime. The world record was caught May 17, 1985. Kings run May, June, and July. There is an early run which ends June 30 and a late run that finishes the King season July 31. Big Reid supplies you with G. Loomis and Lamiglass rods and Shimano Tekota reels to catch that big King. By using the best equipment available we increase your odds of landing that lunker.


Late July and August are great times for Sockeyes!!

Sockeye's are a favorite among local residents for the table. These salmon hit the river in mid-July often in numbers of 50,000 per day with the season in-river total usually around 1 million fish. This may be one of the most unique methods of fishing you ever do! We take the boat to shore and "flip" flies for these fish averaging 10 pounds. They usually swim 10-15 ft from shore and most of the time you can see them. When you hook one hold on, they use the swift current and put up a great fight. These fish are numerous in the river so expect to have a sore arm at the end of the day!


Long time guests Al, Mence, Randy and his dad enjoy a successful day of Silver fishing!

Silvers are known to be the most aggressive and acrobatic salmon in the river. Silver fishing is best in early to mid-August throught the end of the season, October 31. Methods for these fish include backtrolling sardine wrapped quickfish and casting vibrax or small plugs. These salmon are aggressive and will often chase baits right up to the boat. Silvers are great on light tackle giving long runs and tremendous leaps. If you time it right you could fish silvers, reds, and trout in the same day!!


Can't beat those Kenai Rainbows!

Throughout the summer trout and dolly fishing is available. The main focus on the river during June and July is the King fishing, but trout and dolly's often provide a lot of action and are a great option if you have kids that just want to catch a lot of fish. This is no more true than in August and September, the focus is off of kings and the trout and dolly's fishing picks up. Trout run from 12" to 35" and dolly's are usually 12"-24". September and October are peak for the larger fish. Combined with Silver fishing trout and dolly fishing makes for a great day on the beautiful Kenai River.